Ok, well my little brother's birthday is coming up. I want to shock him and get him something really nice. He has been complaining to my parent's about a new guitar for ages since his is a poor quality beginner. I'm look for a guitar with about a price of 300-400 max. I was thinking possibly a cheaper Jackson, Esp, or Agile. He's into playing Metal mostly.





If there are any other good guitars at about 400 dollars, it'd be great to tell me.
if he's like 13-14 I'd say get him a JS30KV it's the entry level Jackson V mine was only 270$ Canadian so it's well whithin your price range and it's a quality instrument the only complaint is that it's minus a whammy bar however the X series which are like 500 where I am have the floyd rose knock off though they are significantly more expensive
I have a Dv-200 v from esp. Almost the same as what you are looking at. It sounds great ,looks great, and the bulid quality is great too. If he likes metal he like it.
Perhaps go used and set up the guitar yourself so you know it will play nice and you'll be getting more value for money?

Of course, something new is just as good. Agile guitars are pretty great bang for buck apparently and customer service is meant to be very good with these guys.

Personally, I would recommend him a hardtail guitar from Ibanez (I'm such a fan boy, ah well :p such as:

- Ibanez ART300, active pickups, mahogany body. Great for metal me thinks.
- Ibanez RG321MH, hardtail guitar, mahogany body. You'd have a spare $100 so you can swap in some bad ass pickups so he woud sound great too!
jackson js30 warrior awesome guitar for $300

ps i dont own one put i play one at my local recording studio when i go to watch my local band play
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I'd just like to point out that he's been play over 2 1/2 years, so I want a really nice guitar to buy him, not just another beginner caliber guitar.
first of all. what does he play. and what shaped do you think he likes the most. Is hew whammy bar user. But i would go for the ESP LTD V 200