Thanks a lot !

As for recording, I just used my normal guitar and amp to record the guitar which is, an epiphone special II and a marshall amp directly plugged into the computer.
The vocalist has some sort of condenser mic, i'm not sure of. He either used it, or his Shure SM58.
The program we used was adobe audition.
oh man, sick double bass in the beginning

good recording quality too

but truthfully, i strongly dislike the verse riff, i think it should have stronger harmonic thought, its just kind of dissonance, and that makes the melodic singing sound awkward

your singer has a really strong voice and it fits the genre very nicely

the screamer is really good too

overall really good, i just think the verse should have a chord progression backing it instead of a "riff"

craig owens would be proud!

crit mine?

i like it man. the singer gets a little annoying though.
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**** man, although this isnt my cup of tea 100% i do have to say you guys do it very ****ing well. Are you sure you arent chiodos!? haha, all i can say is your singer has got this **** under control stylistically same with your guitarist, BUT try to make something memorable. This is a minor complaint as the song is great and the intro/chorus(?) kicks ass, but it does kinda meander around without a melody to hold onto and the verse riff is a little generic.
Let me put it this way, this could be a chiodos B-side, or hell even a track on their cd, but certainly wouldnt be the single.

Overall 8/10

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He came dancing across the water
Cortez, cortez
What a killer.
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For the record, the screamer and vocalist are the same person. haha.
He goes from singing to screaming in the recordings. But yeah I do kinda agree with the riff you're talking about. We might change it later on, but it's gunna stay the way it is for now. And I'll get onto critting your recordings ASAP.

Thank you! I'm sure the singer himself would actually agree with you, but you can't impress everyone!

Well first of all, Thank you as well! I think the sound quality could've maybe been a bit better, but hey it's our first recording. ALSO! As for the emotion thing, that's actually something my singer hates, is when people don't put emotion into their vocals. I'll be sure to check out your band as well.

Your comment made me smile! ahaha. I'm pretty sure we're not chiodos, unless there's something Todd(the vocalist) isn't telling me. We're working on some more catchy tunes, Cause we're not really just "emo/hardcore" we also drift into pop punk, so catchy songs are soon to come! and I will check out your recordings soon as well.
Not my kind of genre but you guys definitely sound good. Screamer was really good. Singer sounds like he's trying to hard. ( Just read that it's the same person ) Beginning was awesome but the rest was good to but nothing to special in my mind. Maybe speed the tempo up? I'm looking forward to hearing more!