This is pretty much everything cool ive come up with in 2 years of playing. I think they are fairly good but i cant seem to string anything together for songs, seeing as i dont know anything about theory or keys, maybe someone could help with that.
The out of place AH in 5 shouldnt be there, but i dont know how to make the program loop faster....whatever give me some advice.
Definitely learn some theory, especially if you've been playing for 2 years. A lot of the riffs sounded too random, like they didn't really "flow" I guess you could say. The one I kinda liked was the very last part of the 5th file. Oh and try using chords in the riffs too, like alternating between chords and palm muting riffs like you have can make them more interesting.
I have to agree with rcw110131. Scales, modes, triads, diads and chords should be your best friends when writing anything.