ok, this summer I'm planning on going to Albany to visit a friend, and I went to priceline to look for tickets and I found a ticket and I went to see like how to buy it before I actually do and it says you have to be over 18 to get a ticket or contact the airlines that I'm using

I'm using U.S Airways and I went to the site and couldn't find anything about it, I did try to buy a ticket as a minor and it said something about 5-14 but I just want to make sure with people that have gone on a flight without an adult???

I'm 17 so I don't see the big deal, but I'm still not considered an official adult, so I just want to know if other people have done it and how

oh and is US airways any good, I just chose it cause it was cheap
i think you can travel alone but a legal adult has the buy the ticket..but don't hold me to that. makes sense to me anyways.
You only need to be 18 to buy the ticket, so get your parents to do it. But you can fly alone even if you're a minor.
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I actually found it out, 15 to like 64 is adults, so I can fly it, now I'm just wondering is US airways good to fly with?