I'm considering starting a new website project with the following idea in mind:

I've really got back into guitar lately. I got to grade 8 classical guitar and did an A level in Music and then just stopped playing for about 3 years, and I can't think why, I love it. I'm practising every chance I can now and have truly fallen in love with playing again.

I think the main reason I stopped playing is that I stopped practising. There was no pressure for me play, no grade exams due, no scales to learn, no A level performances to prepare for.

So my site proposal is this: Create a site where a user can select x amount of practice regimes. There will be lessons on how to do each of these practices and the user will be able to tick off each practice each day and make note of how long they did it for.

For stuff like speed building practices they could state their top tempo after each session. They could then be presented with a graph over a period of time marking their progress in terms of speed against date.

The user could swap different regimes and create their own for other users to try out.

In their profile it would display what they are currently practising and state why they're practising them and which ones they recommend to other users.

It could also give them a score depending on how they're doing, so if they stop practising for a while their score would go down. This would obviously rely on people's honesty.

So yeah, seems like a large project. Would anybody consider using a site like this? And would anybody be interested in contributing? Either by adding practices or by helping with coding?

Sounds like a great idea, but don't underestimate the difficulty of creating something like that. But if you are an experienced web designer, go for it! Hell, even if you're not, I'm not stopping you.
sounds like an awsome idea!
i dont really have time for much else but i could help with GFX

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yea, does sound like a great idea. But its a massive project. If you wanna try and do it, go ahead, it sounds great, i'm sure you'd get loads of people interested, but this is a massive project.
damn, that would be awesome, almost like having your own teacher. Its the same method used by my classical guitar teacher and doing it for free (you never said you would ask for money) is great


Cool. Thanks for the feedback. I shall hopefully start over summer and who knows, it might be up and running in a year or so. I'll let people know of my progress when I have something to report.