I have a little bit of free time right now and I wanted to know some easy songs to learn that would fall into the hard rock category.

I guess some heavy metal is ok too but no metallica, I know in saying this I insult about half of UG but I hate metallica.
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I know in saying this I insult about half of UG but I hate metallica.

Metallica can suck it.
This one's right in my wheelhouse.
1) ALL OF AC/DC Back IN Black album. The songs are surprisingly easy, and even the solos can be faked through until you get it. "What do you do for money, honey" is great.
2) Buckcherry's "Lit Up"- easy and rocking.
3) Black Sabbath - Paranoid.
4) Aerosmith - Cryin'
5) CCR - Fourtunate Son
6) The Offspring - "Far Away"
7) The Offspring - "Come out and Play"
8) Deep Purple - "Woman from Tokyo" a bit involved, but the general riff will get you through with some fun improvs along the way.
9) The Ramones - "Hey, Ho" Anger your neighbors with this one.
10) Anything by The Refreshments - Just for a nice change of pace, a little lighter, and less power chords than the above, but fun to play because of all their tempo changes.

I am not a great player by any means, and my gear stinks, but I have fun playing the above over and over and over and over.........
Deftones-my own summer or minerva. Anything on the radio that you think is hard rock. Something like Seether. Most radio rock is easy stuff.
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hmmmmm um underoath, alexisonfire, the used.... they not too heavy..

Those are screamo bands, not rock or metal.