Ok, help please?

I need some help constructing a 'solo' for a song, but i'm no good .

All I need is a simple one, a bit pop-punky (think Blink/Green Day), but even still i'm having trouble. It can't be 'Don't Leave Me' simple, but I tried something like Man Overboard etc. but it doesn't sound right.


Play whatever you like. You could play a million notes a second and watch peoples jaws drop, you could groove out and watch people groove with you (which they won't, because people don't understand how to groove these days, which is a shame), or you could just play one note and enjoy it.

All the above have been done before, and they all spark different reactions. For you, with the whole pop punk feel, concentrate on rhythm over notes, you can get away with anything if its catchy and rhythmic. Just don't try too hard, I've tried too hard many times, you just end up messing up and confusing yourself.
Good luck!
As a bassist whose been there and done that with pop punk and is still gigging poprock songs I believe that instead of a bass solo you should have an acapella middle eight, repeating the hook line. It'll be catchier and more memorable than a bass solo.

If you do want to solo I would suggest looking at just using the scales in that key and perhaps sticking with the chord progression throughout. Little runs can be cool too and look into trills and hammerons.

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