i have recently started trying to form a band right, my m8 agrees to play giutar with me so thats 2 guitarists, thats good, on my way to a nice band. then i recruit a singer and a bassist, woo nearly there, then i get 2 choices of drummers. but w8... my m8 who orginally joined my band, left to join another cos things werent goin fast enough. thing is, he didnt even do anything to help get the band started, so now i hav no guitarist to bak me up....

is it just me or is it usually like this where u try and make a band and no'one helps or stays faithful?
judging by how you type i dont blame him for not wanting to be in a band with you

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Are you in middle school or something?

That was a joke, but I assume you're actually in high school. The thing is, nobody is ever actually serious about their music until you go to college/get out of high school. If you really want dedicated musicians, then your best bet is a music school.
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Quote by timzee117
judging by how you type i dont blame him for not wanting to be in a band with you

I'm with this guy.
And to answer your question, no. Both bands I've been in have had supportive faithful people in it.
ive recently started a band and if he's going to be like that you're probably better off without him
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oh yeah, sorry about my typing, i just herd he left like half hour ago and im still annoyed so i was typing fast because i was annoyed. and yeah im at college, 16 years old lol
if you are in college and 16 that might have had something to do with it, even if you are good.