Hey im just about to buy a new amp
and basicly i have £200 to spend, and i have looked around, and the best quality amp i can get is the vox valvetronix im told by everyone i have asked, guitar shop guys ect. and it playes nice for that price.
The 50 watt one is what im looking for, i dont wanna save and go over 200 reli, but i am curious what the main good thing about getting the 100 watt version is, or getting the 50watt one with the 2 speakers insteed of one is

Will the regular 50 watt one be fine for:
Band Practise/Jamming
Practsting in the house
Maybe Gigging (would be mic'd up of course)
Possible recording

What will the other two offer me? is it worth an extra 50quid for the double speaker 50watt one (is this louder?) and is it worth the extra 100quid+ for these things to get the 100watt. Cause thats 300, and i rekon there may be nicer amps at the 300 mark than a valvetronix

I no its not the best amp, isnt proper valve, i dont care hugely about that right now, cause when i have a proper job i can save and get a very good amp in a couple years, but i need something better than a 15watt practise amp with no effects!

I play a HUGE range of music, blues to hard rock. Muse to radiohead tohendrix to muse so i need it to be versitiale and i have a few pedals lieing around, an may get more

Thanks all help is appreciated!!!
yes it will be perfectly fine, my 30 watt version gets over the drums on solos, you just have to get it off the ground. it'll be fine for those genre's.
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I have a Valvetronix, (just a little 15, but it cranks), and I love the hell out of it.
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Get The Biggest Amp You Possibly Can

At All Costs

That's rediculous

Get the amp that's right for you. The 50W should be fine for you.
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yes but what are the advantages of the 100watt? and the 50watt with the twin speaker

I no the valve tronix is right, im just stumped on the wattage i should go for
the valvetronix amps are GREAT! The tone really is very good and they are so versatile. The main advantage of the 2 speaker version is it will give you a beefier sound and spread the sound better.

Obviously the disadvantage is more weight.

I'd say go for the 30W minimum, if you will be playing gigs, go for the 50W. I don't really see much point in the 2 speaker version unless you are playing larger gigs. And even then they'll most likely mic it.

The 100W version I wouldnt bother with. 50W is fine for all the usual pub gigs and small clubs, and like I said, they can mic it up.

hope this helps
I think the 100w has extra effects, a couple more amp models and a few otehr bits and bobs.
Fender Classic Player 60s Strat
Washburn HB35
PRS Santana SE
Yamaha Pacifica 112MX
Vox AD30VT
Fender Champion 600
Dunlop wah
Danelectro Cool Cat fuzz
nah it desont it has the exact same preamp ect. just a larger output yeh im gonna go for the 50watt single speaker
I have the 50 watt version with one speaker, and it does get plenty loud. I have played it with a 2x12 cabinet as well as by itself in loud bands. Both ways worked fine. 2 speakers will likely have a somewhat "bigger" sound, but the difference may be subtle. Either way, the amp will be great for you needs.

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Wow I do like the sound of that amp, granted its through a recording, but damn that sounded pretty good for not being full tube. I was thinking about getting the 30W version of this, but then people were saying it's not realy got the metal tone for new metal, old metal yes though.