Yeah i wrote this song on chraistmas day last year. I have enjoyed it, and i hope you guys will too. C4C

Christmas Day

I remember Christmas Eve
When we’ll hang up that Christmas tree
We’ll hang the lights upon the house
And show them off in the night

I remember the Christmas morning
My sister would wake me up early
My parents would come out of their rooms slowly
Towards the Christmas tree

Don’t you love the smell of Christmas?
When you fist come out of your bed
Don’t you love to see those smiles?
On that wonderful Christmas Day

When Christmas ends and you have to wait another year
It doesn’t matter cos it’s in your past memory
Then the next day on Boxing Day when you pack up that tree
You reminisce about that past Christmas Day.

Verse Chords: C, Am, F, Em
Chorus Chords: C, Am, G, F