I have 2 les pauls and an ESP alexi sig model. I'm alot more comfortable playing the les pauls because they just feel right. when i pick up the esp, the strings feel very tense and firm and i feel like my chops just slip alot when i'm playing it. Does the esp feel so much different because of the fact that it has a floyd and the others don't? has anyone else had this type of problem? I love my esp but i wish it just had that feeling that my other guitars have that makes them so comfortable and familiar.
a change of string gauge perhaps?
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Everton FC
use the same gauge strings as your les pauls or lighter and my it has something to do with the action or something?
Does the ESP have a longer scale length? Are the string angles sharper behind the saddles and the nut?
I'm using the same string guages, and the v does have a longer scale length. It just seems like when i pick a string the vibration is much more cut off than the other guitars.