Very industrial. Very ambient.

The technology on the drums was great! And all of the other instruments are really subtle, which fits well with the whole ambient vibe. There's not much else I can comment on really. It's a great track that doesn't need improving. end of.

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If it were to be performed live - i would put it in the Shoegaze/black metal/alternative area. Quite a different composition, but i liked it for the most part. I think it tends to drag on in parts but i believe it's intentional. Hints why i classified this into a shoegaze-like genre; repetitive and distorted riffs that try and make you part of the song. haha. it's the best i could do.


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The Rain And Snow

We've been reduced to ruin in this noncalibrated earth that has stumbled upon us.
the beggining really set the mood, but i felt it lasted a bit too long. quality seems a bit sketchy. very buzzy/ antique radio sounding. drums were excellent, but the guitar riff seemed to have some trouble keeping in time with it. the distorted guitar was too loud compared to the drums. i liked it though.

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