80s Sleaze Rock with an original twist

In Bristol looking for a Lead Guitarist (and possibly rhythm) and a drummer...
Writing own material along the lines of GNR, Crue, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Whitesnake, Airbourne, Towers of London etc.

i may be interested i live in gloucester its bout i spose, half hour - 45 mins drive, (bit of a trek?) probs bout that on train also

but yeh i play guitar lead and rhythm, about grade 3-4, love motley crue =P
guns n roses also, and bit of aerosmith, have other influences too, but would be good to have a blend and create good music lol

have my own equipment, and have been in past bands as lead / rhythm guitar with gig experience

but yeh hit me up, would be interested in jamming at first atleast
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im gonna be moving down to bristol at the end of the summer.

Shame hair metal ant my thing, good luck tho.
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