This is the only (suprisingly) speed racer thread. For those of you that live somewhere other than the the US or Japan look it up. And this is for everything speed racer (movie,cartoon,comics,toys,whatever floats your boat)

And yes, I used the searchbar

Movie tries to seem deep and meaningful, while being flooded with neon and flouresent colours. I don't really like it.
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I think it looks pretty fucking rad. If i do say so, myself.
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I was a huge fan back in the day, and saw a preview in the theater. It looked GREAT
Got home, saw a preview on TV, and it seemed like a totally different movie. (terrible)

Don't think I'll waste my time in theater, I'll rent it eventually or something
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the title of this thread is incredibly lame. lol
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I beleive that all films should be like speed racer. No filming in real places, just pure green screen baby.

That would be awesome
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It will completely kill the real TV show for me, I'm guessing.
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

I thought they should've picked a dude that looks like Elvis to play Speed. That is after all who Speed was supposed to look like...
The cartoon was awesome, but the movie just looks absolutely horrible.
It's like a really fruity version of 300; all green/bluescreen with tons of neon and fluorescent lights.
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pics coming soon!

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I can't wait. I really like the style. The Wachowski Bros. know what they are doing.

Speed Racer is anime, which is highly stylized animation, and they've beautifully translated it to the big screen in this day and age of CG.

If I were going to a real Speed Racer race in, say, Tokyo today, or in the near future, this is exactly what I would imagine it to look like.