Hey everyone,

Maybe someone has already asked this question, but at a quick glance I couldn't find a similar discussion (sorry if my question has already been answered on UG...)

Anyway I've been looking all over for text tabs of Children of Bodom's new release, Blooddrunk. All the tabs I have found for it are all for Guitar Pro! This is really frustrating to me because I have already used up all my trial days for Guitar Pro and I don't really think I will use it enough to buy it. I'm not really a fan of getting it from an illegal source either.

Does anybody know of any texts versions of any tabs from Blooddrunk? If not, is there a way to open a GP5 file without having the actually software (i.e. with Word or TextEdit or something like that)? It would be great if someone who has written a Guitar Pro tab could also publish a text version for those without the software.

Anyways, any help someone can give me would be greatly appreciated!
Actually, you can make a text file out of a guitar pro file.

You go file -> export -> acsii

I'd be willing to do this for you if you want, talk to me on aim at LostToApathy7861, because I won't check back here.
PhillyC is right.
I also have Blooddrunk tabs.
PM me here and I'll send em to yah as well.
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