and im getting crazy string buzz on my e and a strings. i used and electric tuner and it says they are fine and im pretty sure i did a good job of changing them so what can i do?
raise the action
did you change string gauges?
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different gauge may be the problem
raise your action a bit
or it could be just the brigth of new strings
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I'm thinking string gauge as well.
Stupid question:
What's an action?
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I'm thinking string gauge as well.
Stupid question:
What's an action?

The height of the strings above the fretboard.
TS, the most logical answer is to raise your action. If you're getting a "crazy buzz" after only shifting up 1 gauge, then your action was probably a little low in the first place.
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You may want to readjust your intonation as well, I tend to check and readjust mine if i use different gauge strings and/or change the action.
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Yup, after any gauge change, a new setup and intonation/supertuning should be done.


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