Im buying an unfinished body for a guitar that im going to build. If i want to paint it like the black and white van halen guitar, what paint and tape should i use to make it? Also any suggestions on how to finish the paint job so that it stays nice and shiny? thanks
hey, i did this project.

first, use krylon paints. they have new spray nozzles that are available that will go on silky smooth.

you need one can white primer, one can black gloss, one can white gloss, and one or two cans "triple thick crystal gloss"(not too sure about the name but something like that)

first, prime it. then you want to wetsand it. this wetsanding is absolutely nescessary if you want it to look good. once you get good, you can make finishes that rival factory finishes with simple spraycans.

second, black paint. the primer will let this stick. wetsand untill all orangepeel and roughness is gone.

third, use ELECTRICAL TAPE!!!!!!!! painters tape is too wide and it will not conform to the corners as well.

fourth, one coat of black paint on top. this will seal up the joints and the crossovers with tape so no white will not bleed under the tape.

fifth, then spray white over the thin layer of black after it dries.

spray it nice and thick and then you can wait till it dries.


this is ABSOLUTLEY VITAL!!!!!!

wetsand it for a long time until the white has no orange peel, and is actually quite suprisingly smooth.

next you prime it with the triple thick. you can apply as much as you want, but wetsand it silky smooth after each spraying. this will add some cloud to it, but you buff that out a little later.

finally when you have enough clear coat on it, then you will use automotive rubbing compound. this will remove the swirl and the cloudiness. this is very important. then after that, you use automotive carnuba wax!!! this will add the shine that is so beautiful.


a beautiful frankenstrat!!!

let me know if you have any questions about this because i am glad to help you

one of my favorite hobbies is painting and finishing these guitars
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This thread has several books on guitar building/ painting, one specifically was an EVH style guitar, an exact replica I think, I'd attach it but it's too large.

have a look
thanks. do you have any idea where i could buy any of this supplies. and wat exactly is wetsanding?
Quote by Guitarrox14
thanks. do you have any idea where i could buy any of this supplies. and wat exactly is wetsanding?
The Sanding Sealer, Colorcoat, and Clearcoat from Krylon are everywhere. Duplicolor is available at most auto shops. You can buy the same Acrylic spraycans from the bigbox DIY stores like Lowes, Home Depot, etc.

Wetsanding - you soak the fine grit sandpaper (1000 to 2000 grit) overnight and you use it to smooth the demarcation lines of the EVH design or to remove orange peel, etc. There are lots of tips and tricks in the sticky. You can also read up on some of the excellent build and mod threads here. When unsure of terms, click below!