I got a Toneport TGX today. I love it, but when I record with audacity and I try to push everything to the left channel, it doesnt work? I unplugged the green speaker cable from my pc (out of the orange green and black) and plugged it in to the headphone jack on the GX. Why wont my left channel work? Is it the wrong speaker cable or something else?

Also, I want to make a Coheed tone (Welcome Home, Apollo 1, Ten Speed) any ideas?
In gearbox you have to set the input to stereo or something like that....that may be a UX1 toneport setting type thing only .

Using the speaker out of the interface is the best way IMO

Also check out Reaper which is free, its better than Audacity and much more fun to use once you learn it IMO...you can do a lot with it.