i think it sounds awesome, but i cant think of what to put after it..

oh and measures 8-10 are meant for the end of the song, not after 7.
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well, simply take hints from the bands you look up to in that style.
A song can either start rather soft/slow or break out with an emphatic chorus right at the beginning (which many pop/punk songs tend to to, as you need an attention-grabber right away in todays competitive commercial music market). Seeing as you did the loud start here, I guess after that would be the time to tone things down again a bit - now the verses come in: If you're feeling especially unimaginative, let the rhythm guitar just play palmmuted powerchords (but beware, if you're too lazy and simply repeat the chordprogression of the chorus, you might lose its impact through the repetition). Next up in the generic formula after 4x4 verse bars is a pre-chorus (how about 8 bars). At least now change the chord progression/+rhythm, to a nice build-up that resolves in the chorus where you can go all guns blazing again. If you need some new melody after that (hint: don't overuse the chorus motif you have now, it'll lose its impact in too many repetitions and can get downright annoying), how about having the lead guitar strum out some octave-lines.
yeah im trying my best to make it more technical, but not too complicated. if that makes sense. im going for a more futuristic feel in this song, and i think the palm muting would just throw it off. so yeah, i guess ill just have to listen to some music.. DARN.

by the way, how did it sound, in your opinion?