what should i use to get that sound. Two things(a) give me what effects are present in the parts of the song and (b) what effects pedal should i use to get these sounds. Im not quite sure so, um yeah lol
I think the intro picking is on a tweve-string, so maybe a chorus pedal would be good for that, or an octave pedal.
My band used to cover it. we used a chorus pedal and it sounded decent. Some distortion for the solo and a few other parts later in the song also.
a girl yesterday played it acousticly and it sounded pretty darn close
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yeah im playing it on a 12 string acoustic. (its amazing how many guitars my dad has lol) And im not saying that the pickups i have on it are decent. So i guess a chorus pedal is what i need to get. Ok thanks. (um yeah since im like all retarded like that i have to use guitarfx on my computer because im still in the process of getting an electric guitar so...yeah no use in a effects pedal if you have no electric, am i right?)
If you're playing it on a 12 string then you don't need chorus, you only want it if you're using a 6 string and want to approximate the 12 string sound.

For the distorted parts you want, well, distortion and a touch of chorus, maybe a bit of delay for the solo too...but if you try that on a 12 string electro acoustic it's ggoing to sound shockingly bad.
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