When Black Sabbath wrote the lyrics to Iron Man, was it inspired by the comic book?

The lyrics don't really reflect the Iron Man comic book...at least to my interpretation.
The song is about a person who travels into the future and witnesses the apocalypse. On his way back, he gets caught in a magnetic field and is turned to steel (contrary to the song's title) with "boots of lead". When he tries to warn the world about the apocalypse, they cannot hear him for he is made of iron. He is also unable to move. The people shun him, thinking him to be dead, and as his revenge he kills them all. He then realizes that he is the cause of the apocalypse.

straight from wikipedia in the "story" section

edit: that being the song, not the comic
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Nope, the concept of the lyrics was just an idea Ozzy and Tony Iommi had.
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The recent film have just used the song at the end because of the title, and it's heavy metal (npi).