I have owned and played quite a variety of amps over the last while and i need some expert advice...

I need an amp that is small enough for practicing with a band, but large enough to gig with. What brands, wattage, and models should i be looking at?
Thanks in advance
Depending on how many guitarists, their amps, the size of the gigs, and how loud your drummer is, you'll need at least 150-180w. Judging from the bands you like, Ampeg, MarkBass, Fender, Peavey, Trace Elliot, Ashdown, and Gallien-Krueger are all good brands to look at. Try some out to see what you like. What we like isn't that important.
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Markbass makes small amps that can get several hundred watts.
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I have a fender 150 bass man combo... It isn't that great and just at maximum volume is barely audible in a band practice (we play loud and hard )... So go for around 200 watts if you really wanna be prepared for a practice and live setting... And i would suggest and ampeg bass amp. I tried one at a local music store and it was basically eargasmic compared to my fender combo amp .
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Markbass makes small amps that can get several hundred watts.

they're great amps but I doubt our friend has 750 USD to spend on a practice combo.

as said before, Ampeg, GK, Ashdown, and Fender would be good choices and fairly inexpensive. You're probably going to want at least 150W (as above stated) but if your gigs are large or ambitious in any way you'll probably have to go for 200W and up.
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You could go Little Mark II or an Ashdown Little Giant and a 210 or 410 from Avatar or Carvin. BTW a price range would be helpful.