Lately I've been wanting to become better at reading sheet music for electric bass. I can read music easily and play trombone, but I need practice in order to work on having that seamless link between my eyes and my fingers.

Does anyone have any good resources for (preferably free) bass sheet music? Classical, be-bop, or jazz would be preferred. Thanks!
You can get Guitar Pro 'free' if you look in the right places. That gives you the opportunity to download and play sheet music for bass

I believe Power Tab also shows notation and that is completely free
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Other than guitar pro sites, I can't think of any off hand. Check out public domain sheet music sites for bass clef music and also make frequent visits to 2nd hand bookstores, booksales etc. I've found some real gems that way.

Real books for Jazz (bass clef edition) are great for sight reading and jazz. But they do cost a bit depending on where you purchase them. I have seen them on Amazon for around 20 - 25 USD.