my new guitar has fret buzz on the 6th string and its due to the action. is there some tool a guitar shop would sell that measures the height of the action? or should i just adjust it until the fret buzz is gone?
I don't know if a music shop will have it but you need a steel ruler with small enough markings. Try a hardware store for that stuff... Home Depot or w/e

I made my own ghetto ruler that isn't very accurate. You could try that. Just use picks with known markings, stack them up and measure them.

Raising it until it stops buzzing will prolly work though.
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You need a ruler that starts counting from the edge - so doesn't have a space of 1cm or whatever at each end of it. You can get them in hardware stores like Maplin in the UK.
A set of feeler gauges can also be very handy, but all I use is a builders ruler and some picks of different thickness

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my new guitar did that for a while, but after I played it for a while it stopped

You've probably developed neck bow. Now the question is whether it's a nice controlled relief or whether you have too much tension on the neck...

Or it's possible it was new string buzz, not fret buzz.


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