I've started turning down the gain on my amps gain channel for a more bluesy sound, and because of this I need a high gain distortion pedal for my weekend cover band work.

I am after something with a solid hard rock sound, something like an Orange Rockverbs gain channel sounds like. I don't want something too extreme, or too weak. I want a solid, thick distortion sound that isn't overly digital sounding. Budget isn't really an issue, so recommend me anything. I'm also not interested in an overdrive, I have plenty of those.

Recommend me a solid distortion pedal for modern and hard rock

I should mention also that I have tried the following and they do not give me what I want:
Eh Big Muffs
Fender 60W Super-Sonic Head
Fender 2x12 Cabinet (Vintage 30s)
TC Electronics G Major
Boss Blues Driver BD-2 w/ Keeley mod
MXR 6 Band EQ
BB Preamp
Jim Dunlop Crybaby Wah

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DigiTech Grunge!
Jackson King V KVX10
Line 6 Spider III 75 W.
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I didnt like mine because it didn't have enough gain for me.....but try a krank distortus maximus...kinda sounds like what you're looking for
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cant go wrong with a boss my friend. the muff series is okay too.

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cant go wrong with a boss my friend. the muff series is okay too.

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