What exactly do you want to know? They are a top of the line boutique guitar company that have been around since the 80's, they look and sound incredible. Each instrument is hand made and the attention to detail is second to none. Have you checked out their website?


Also check out Jol Dantzig's blog (he is the main man at Hamer)

listen to def-leppards 2nd album high n dry. pete willis plays a hamer explorer and it sounds great, both rhythm and lead.
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a freind of mine claims his hamer slammer (dunno which model... some pretty chep one, tho) plays better than ANY other guitar he's ever played. never lets anyone try it.... probably total bs, but wtv...
yea i know that glenn and kk play hamers... but im sure they have there own custom setup...
just wondering... because i like emg pickups... i like emg's too... but im not very famialar with the newer seymour duncans... its all cool tho lol
You can get a really good, used USA Hamer for a really good price on the bay, craigslist.

Their XT models aren't bad either. I have a SATF and, with a quick pickup replacement to seymour duncans, they are absolutely killer for the money. I'm not sure about their Slammer line, though.
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