I understand the technical way a pickup works, with string vibration, magnets, the wire, etc.

Question # 1 - wire gauge size vs. wraps... Copper magnet wire is the weapon of choice, what difference in tone will 42 gauge and 43 gauge make? Also, with 43 gauge, i am assuming you would need less wraps, but what if i didnt do less wraps? a more high-output pickup, correct?

question # 2 - magnets. Alnico seems to be the weapon of choice... why?

Why nickel-plated steel slugs?

Will a metal-baseplate on a humbucker effect the properties/tone of the pickup/magnet?

I really want to get into building some wooden (ebony/lignum vitae really really hard-wood) pickups. i can cut the holes/shapes on my cnc, etc.
If you wound it with 43 guage wire it would be higher out put and would be a little warmer.
i guess so man. alnico seems the way to go. ceramic magnets totally suck, ive used them before. (pickups, not making a pickup).

I guess i will supply myself, i have designed a rather interesting jig for this, if i enjoy doing it i will buy the pickup winder.