Hey dudes, just a quick enquiry for a friend,

He plays a 24 fret hardtail Jackson just now and its set to B standard, though he recently bought a Dean DimeoFlame (22 fret, Floyd Rose) and he cant quite get a good feel for it in B cos he cant find a good gauge.

He says 12's are good on the low end but are just TOO twangy on the highs, almost banjo-ey...
I think 11's wont handle it (my guitarist plays a Dime From Hell in drop C with 11's and its nice).

He thinks 10-60 GHS ZW Boomers would do the trick, but I think a 10 on a high E is FAR too light...

No suggestions about 7 stringers please...

Any ideas folks?
Your just going you have to try diffrent gauges. Thats all I can suggest. I have played B standard on .10s and have played .13 in standard. There really in no best gauge for any tuning.
Thanks for your advice but you've totally ignored what I'm asking, I'm not asking for the best gauge for a tuning specifically, I'm asking what would be best for a 22 fretter with a Floyd Rose. Also I'm looking to find a hybrid gauge between heavy bottoms and maybe 11's on the higher end.

Sorry if I wasnt specific enough.