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okay, so this morning i was at my usual spot before school started, when i noticed there was a baby bird that fell out from a tree and landed in the street. it was laying there, and there were cars that almost hit it and everything. well, i went over to the little guy and picked it up to make sure it didn't get hit. so i spent all day carrying this baby bird around, and i've become it's daddy now. I got it a nice cage with the softest bedding they had at the pet store to keep it warm, and i got it the best baby bird formula to make sure my little chocobo grows up big. i'm not entirely sure what kind of bird it is yet or the gender, because i didn't see the parents around when it happened.

If it's a boy, i'm calling him Tidus

if it's a girl, her name's Aerith.

it's got no signs of injury, and it's really alert. i've been feeding it quite often (during school i mixed some ritz crackers with water and fed it with those eye dropper things. it's totally fine, and it should be able to grow up just fine.

I'll keep it updated till it finally gets old enough to fly away and fend for itself

btw, i call it a chocobo because looks like a chocobo when it hops about. and because it's awesome enough to be one.

and here's a picture of my little ball of fluff

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also hate to tell you this, but...

it probaly wont live. ive tried to raise birds that ive found like that, and they dont live long..
That's nice of u dude. Taking care of a baby bird. IT's so cute too.
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Awww Look at it !
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i has ducks
Birds FTW
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ok I'll say it.

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i don't know how exactly how i'mm gonna teach it to fly, but i'm sure somewhere on the internets theres something that can help me. just like there's some way to find out what kind of bird my chocobo really is. besides it being a chocobo
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Good luck taking care of it
Hate to say it, someone said it before me, but birds found like that usually don't live too long.
Make sure you keep in contact with a local vet or something
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lespaulrocks39, you sir are awesome.
now, everyone, commence with the continuous 'awww's
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i took that picture when i just had gotten home from school, that was the makeshift bedding i had for it. the one it's in now is MUCH nicer. and fluffier.
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That's a nice thing to do, most people I know would “put it out of it's misery.”

Hopefully it'll survive though, make sure it has a nice warm home.
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Wait until it evolves into a pidgeotto! Give it some rare candies!

dude, **** rare candies, if you level it up in battle it'll be stronger. i personally love my pigeot

however, i think i speak for all of UG when i say:

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didnt read ur post tho so dont know what im agreeing to.

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Looks like a pigeon.

You should bring it to the vet to check it out.

You'll probably feel guilty when it dies, and you didn't bring it.
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yeah, i hope it'll survive too. i'm making sure it's eating enough everyday, and once it gets a little bigger i'll move on to bugs and such until he can start getting food on his own, which then i'll let it go. if it doesn't though...i guess i'll keep it as a pet. which i hope doesn't happen. i just want it to grow up so it can fend for itself.
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i'm gonna go ahead and continue with the "awww"

awwww~how cute

mate it with a wonderful male/female chocobo

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How'd you keep it with you during school? Did people notice?

oh yeah, and awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
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Dude, you'd be better off not letting it into the wild when it grows up. It would be sure to die.
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