hey ug i am in need of a song thats really easy to play. just like smells like teen spirit. i usually play ac/dc iron maiden and the ramones, so pretty much most rock music from the 60's - 80's. also i want a song that not only is an easy, around 3 minute song with an easy solo just like teen spirit.

so please recomend some good songss
Audioslave's Show Me How To live is one Im Working on. The Solo is Pretty Much Just Picking of A Single Note.

Foreigners Cold as Ice is Another Good one With An Easy Enough Solo
jumper-third eye blind
were not gonna take it-twisted sister
swing swint-all american rejects
boston -- more than a feeling
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breaking the law-Judas Preist
takes bout 7 secs to learn
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Rape me by nirvana very like smells like teen spirit
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Again - Alice in Chains
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