Hi Guys!
i have a question =P
i'm gonna buy a Roland Cube 60
at the beginning i want to get a multi fx to connect it to the RC 60
but i have seen that pedals do not works well in a solid state amp
i play metal to blues
Can anybody explain me ?
Why it is said?
the roland is a moddler with effects.

why are buying a multi effect amp and trying to add a multi effect to it?

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you wouldnt want to plug the mfx in the guitar output.
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you can use pedals on it but i dont recommend it, every pedal i have tried on my cube sounds like ****
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Rather than getting a Cube 60 and MFX pedal. You'd probably be better off getting a Valveking and MFX. You'd get (in my opinion) better tone and still have all your fancy effects for around the same price.
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roland cube 60 dont do well with any effects except built it, PERIOD

the built in effects are all you would need
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I own a Cube 60 and the onboard effects are "ok". I don't like that you're limited in that you can only have certain combinations (chorus, flanger, phaser and tremolo are one dial, so you can only have one on at a time, and delay or reverb on the other dial), but then other than a little chorus occasionally I don't use them. I do run a wah through it which sounds fine, and I can run my Boss OS2 through the clean channel, but if I try to run it through the dirty channel as a boost it sounds like arse.
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roland cube 60 dont do well with any effects except built it, PERIOD

the built in effects are all you would need

Wrong. Using pedals on the clean channel works great. My first amp was a Roland Cube 60 and I used a Digitech Metal Master on the clean channel and it sounded friggin' GREAT!