So, I'm just curious.
I'm not obsessed over this song or anything like some people, I'm just curious why it's such a hated song by like.. everyone at UG?
I'm not looking for answers like "cuZ IT LAME m8"
I'm curious to know actual reasons.

feel free to flame me! =]]
I like it.
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for one...its covered waayyyy two much..and i find it borimg..i don't hate it or anything tho its all good
I'm with you, I think it's a great piece, just too much negative remarks against it that are unnecessary. Maybe they can't play it? Overplayed? Sick of seeing so many covers? It's a meme, they come and go this just happens to stick around longer....
Great piece of work. Too many covers though, it's ridiculous.

I prefer Pachelbel's Canon above anything else, not a rock version. Nothing is more relaxing than Canon with harps and an orchestra.

Well, maybe I Cum Blood. But whatever.
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Yeah, the original is more relaxing but I like the upbeat rock version..

I think maybe the reasons are.. maybe pissed that someone (lol funtwo) got famous off of covering it.. all the views and stuff...
or don't like it because it's popular and somewhat overrated at times..
like you guys said.. the tons of covers on it but I think the reason it's so big is because it's a solo-guitar song that alot of people like..

like before I played guitar I didn't listen to that kind of stuff but when I heard Canon Rock I loved it and it's actually the song that got me to pick up a guitar tbh.
heh, of course I'm sick of it now.. but still.
It's a wonderful piece, Jerry C arranged it well, funtwo nailed it perfectly. Hundreds of kids with bad tone and technique ruined it. But the piece itself is good.
Yeah.. when I liked it I'd go on youtube looking for covers for the hell of it.. all of them just suck.. like you said.. bad style and tone.. and quality

only actual good ones apart from decent are that Cesar guy, this other Gustareo dude, MattRach, Funtwo, and the original..

still no one hits the notes like Jerry.. some guys are really good but just the way jerry plays it.. if you sit down and just listen to it, it's amazing.
^ imagine that WHO CARES!! Its called Canon "ROCK" haha

there should be a thread about all the people that waste other peoples time by coming in and posting how immature they are for reporting a thread that might get 20 replies...
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