Hey guyz, my father said he is going to give me $5000 for a brand new guitar. I have playing guitar for 3months now and i think i am alright. I have myself playing guitar with my fender stratocaster with mexi pick ups.


please tell me which guitar i should buy, tell me if my skill is good!

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id spend half of it on a nice amp though

2500 will get you pretty much any amp or guitar you could ever want
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3 months.... $5000? Bit too early, don't ya think? Might want to make sure you're actually going to commit before you put that much in.
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Id buy a Custom Shop Strat
\And you'd still have money left over for a nice amp.
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For the love of god at least save half for an amp! That's the most important thing!
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Hand some of that my way.
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get bout a 1500 guitar and spend the rest on a niiice amp. and i think 3 months is a lil too early for $5000 dollars.
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Dude, even if you did get that much, you might want to make sure your dedicated before you spend several thousand dollars on stuff you wont ever use.

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*kills self*

id spend half of it on a nice amp though

2500 will get you pretty much any amp or guitar you could ever want

lol not even close guy my mesa head is over 2500
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um, electric guitar forum would be the correct place for this, and why are spending 5000 on a guitar when you've been playing three months? I'd buy a good guitar for maybe a thousand ad just keep the other 4k
Look into a cheap tube combo for practice, get some pedals, and use the rest for in a deal with the guy on this site LINK call him and try to work out a custom guitar. i dont know how that works.
But if not definately get a CUSTOM MADE guitar

Guys just because he has the money to spend doesnt mean you should flame him, he is fortunate, dont hate him for it.

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by a good half stack and a decent 2000-1000 dollar guitar

ususally your paying for looks or the name if its over 2000

and remember more expensive doesn't always mean better
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lol not even close guy my mesa head is over 2500

Road king i assume?

But yeah anyway. You are a lucky SOB. Definitely look into an amp first. You can spend the rest on a decent guitar or even just spend it on better pickups to make your current guitar better, and then keep the rest for pocket change.

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judging by the video i would say (if thread is for real) go for it. get a really nice strat cus it looks like thats what you prefer and then get a really nice amp. i would personally suggest a mesa or possibly a nice Marshall JVM.