Hey guyz, my father said he is going to give me $5000 for a brand new guitar. I have playing guitar for 3months now and i think i am alright. I have myself playing guitar with my fender stratocaster with mexi pick ups.

www.dohyun.tk ( i renamed the domain name from youtube.)

please tell me which guitar i should buy, tell me if my skill is good!

may the force be with you

Awesome though!
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I wouldn't click the link dudes.
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Stop lying.
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it's just youtube, guys, go ahead and click it. But I think TS is either lying about playing for 3 months or about the $5000.
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Wait a little longer before getting a $5000 guitar. I have been playing for almost a year and I just got a MIM strat yesterday. Before, I had a Jay Turser.
Anyone who's been playing for 3 months does not deserve a guitar of that kind of caliber. Develop the skills first, then get the guitar to match.
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