I feel stupid but i honestly dont know the difference. I have heard good things about emg and i know they are active.
Active pick-ups are powered by 9volt batteries (stored in the cavatiy of the guitar) and it boosts the out-put and the sound is generally different than a passive pickup.
Some good well known Actives are EMG's and Seymour Duncan Blackouts.
Some good Passive brands are Dimarzio, Bareknuckle Pickups, and Seymour Duncan also makes passives.
emg's are good.
active pickups use 9 volt batteries to increase output.
passive pickups are the same thing except no 9 volt and not as much output.
So does this pretty much mean active pickups are louder? I read that actives are great distorted but not so clean. Is this true?
It doesn't make them any louder persay, but actives have an onboard preamp whcih boosts the gain. Although they are really at home with overdrive and heavy stuff, EMG makes some good clean pickups like the 60.