My Friends Have Been Giving Me A Lot Of **** for dating this one girl

What the hell should i do if my friends don't like a girl that im going out with. I like her a lot and she is into me but my friends aren't that supportive of this.
relationship thread.
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What. The. ****?

relationship thread.
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Tell your friends to **** off and mind their own business.

This. You shouldn't care what they think if you like her.
And PLEASE take it to the relationship thread. Please.
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who cares if your friends don't like her? unless it's for good reasons like shes a slut/cheats/*otherbadthing* then who cares. you like her thasts what matters
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girl that u really dig > friends.
If they cant respect your desicion, than you need to find some new friends.
deal with it. either ignore it or dump her. or kick their ass if your not a pussy
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I feel your pain, cept I'm not even going out with her. And my friends don't hate her, they just don't want me to hang around with her.

My advice, relationship thread.
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Why don't you're friends like her? Did she do something to them, do they think she's unattractive, or is she just a bitch to all? If it's the first then tell them to deal with their issues with her, if it's the second tell your friends to bugger off, and if it's the third follow their advice.
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I hate to say it, but your probably too infatuated with this girl to realized that she's ugly, and/or a bitch.
believe it or not, you're friends are trying to help you.
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ask urself which u like more ur friends or the new chick
i say go with friends chances are yall wont get serious
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I hate to say it, but your probably too infatuated with this girl to realized that she's ugly, and/or a bitch.
believe it or not, you're friends are trying to help you.

I'd have to go with this. You're probably too into the girl to see a huge glaring flaw/warning sign that your friends can see since they're neutral. I've seen this happen, and the guy almost always ignores his friends, only to get owned and realize that they were right. Believe me, I've been that guy. Bros before hoes, and run like hell.
relationship thread
and as ive said at so many of these threads lately, JUST DO WHAT THE **** YOU WANT
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For Christ sake she probably couldn't get to the center of a Tootsie Pop let alone suck your **** properly. Just get someone your own age you tosser.
My first thought is, your friends are just jealous and/or don't understand why a female would even consider being within 50ft of your maingy ass. Then, it dawns on me, how could you possibly have any friends at all if you are seeking advice at I must assume you are young, because most dudes would of stuck her in the face by now and moved on, but I don't want to damage your psyche. Possibly you should seek the advice of the youth pastor at your church, or your parents? Talk to someone who knows more about your friends and quasi-girlfriend than a bunch of faceless cyberpeople.