So tomorrow im going to order myself a second Synyster Custom (i had to sell my first one due to unforseen events) and tomorrow is the day i get to order a new one! yay!!! but, ive decided to get a second guitar, one of those ****s and giggles guitars.

Right now im mostly looking at the Ibanez ART100 in White as i really want something in the 200-400 range. Anyone have any ideas for QUALITY cheap guitars? now i dont want any flamming, ive been through tons of guitars ranging from 200- 2000 and my 10 yr old beat the hell up 200 dollar ibanez RG120 is one of the best playing/sounding guitars ive ever had (pickups been swapped of course).

So any thoughts? i defantly prefer set necks, but am willing to bend, and nothig that rhymes with "telephone"
Electro Metal???

i bought a used dinky DK2 jackson for 400$ its good
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MIM strats are like 300 used usually, and you can beat those things to kingdom come, and they'll come out of it playing great. I"m very impressed with the one I've got, although I've only had it almost a year, and it's in great condition, I've played beaten ones, and they sound just as good.
Not a set neck, but it's really the only great quality guitar I can think of that's that cheap and not an epiphone. OH, also Hagstrom makes ok lp copies, those have a set neck, I think in your price range, and not epi's.
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ok, dumb question, ive been playing guitar for a long time and the one brand i never got into was fenderm MIM means what exactly? (dont think im a noob, i can answer like anything that has to do with schecter or esp, etc)
Electro Metal???

wait, made in mexico? which means MIA is made in america. . . oOo, i finally get it, but i figured it out by myself!!!
Electro Metal???

why dont you get the ART300, they are 399 CDN im pretty sure

its got new ibanez active pickups and imo that scalloped finish looks sick (in pics at least)

their specs are good i was going to order one but i changed my mind last minute
i saw one in guitar center but i dont dig the finish. and i had planned on put invaders in the art100. i got to go into gc soon to buy a case or two and will poke around, see if theres anything i like.
Electro Metal???

if you into metal / heavy rock and such try a jackson pro series, however majority have trems. Since you already have an Ibanez, look at a 1570 they are VERY decent guitars for their price range, perhaps a pup swap at some stage but it will get the wheels in motion for sure