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why would you even want to change that colour and even worse THINK about covering it with stickers. Its already beautiful, leave it as it is.
Any guitar that is not X/V/etc shaped will not look metal.

That guitar looks like something I could see Vai, Satch, etc playing...

Besides, it's all preference of guitar. Even in looks.
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Relic it.

But I wouldn't to that... it looks too nice. I do agree it looks kinda "Metal", but then again, anything that isn't a Strat or Tele looks too metal for me.
Play music that isn't metal on it. No one will think it's a "metal" guitar if you do that.
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if you ask me it's an overall nice guitar, i see that and what comes to mind is a hard rock instrument, you see something like a jackson king v, that screams metal, but if you MUST do something, bring it to a pprofesional painter and get some little design in white on it, maybe just a stripe along the outside of the body
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i dont think it looks like metal guitar. The glossy Black makes it look very classy.
ps no stickers
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Nice looking guitar, doesn't look too metal to me.
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first off why do you want it to not look metal, if you didnt want a metal looking guitar you should have bought a les paul or a strat, that thing is beutiful and putting a sticker on a non bass guitar is a disgrace to the luthier and the instrument, lol not trying to be serious but seriously no stickers dont deface artwork, also that thing looks f'ing amazing
that's not a "metal" guitar. it's a strat shape, but that doesn't make it metal. play some jass on it, play some country on it, play some blues on it, and presto! it's not a metal guitar!

TOO metal? Whats wrong with you, its a beautiful guitar. Why would you cover it in stickers unless you're Tom Morello.
my rg is an extremly metal looking guitar yet most of the stuff i play with it is far from metal

if you don't play metal, your guitar wont look metal. unless it's got some **** like skulls or bloody hearts or something and a crazy retarded shape, then it would no matter what
paint it pink wit ha few flowers on it... thatll DEmetalize it
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Most metal looking guitars are Just X's/V's/Pointy/Explorer. That's perfectly fine. Also, why even think about placing ANY kind of stickers on your guitar?
Black = most guitar colour ever.

Maybe you could add stickers with hello kittys and peace signs.
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it looks more plastic then metal...
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maybe he likes the way it plays but it doesn't fit his style or his band or whatever. i think it looks cool, but then i'm a sucker for all black guitars. mine is all black but it is a strat.

if you don't believe me, i can post a pic - ha.

but honestly - if you really like the guitar then get a relic'd look going and that should fix it. or maybe some sort of pick gaurd thing.

good luck

it doesn't really look too metal, it kind of reminds me of some old 80s hair metal band guitars. anyways, just as long as you can get a good sound that you like, don't worry about it. don't get a better looking guitar, and it sucks, but just because it looks better, you see what i'm saying?

Try adding some emg's and a couple of bloodstains, possibly a skull graphic, and get a peavey XXX amp to play it through. No one will think you're metal.
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add gold hard ware, then it will look sooo unmetal. personally i think it looks good as is dude.
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dude, i love schecters. Its not a hellraiser, and doesnt have emgs it doesnt look too metal, the only guitar that i would ever put stickers on is some $50 first act and that would only be about 30 seconds before i lit it aflame.

leave it, it looks nice
i really love it...
but you could add a faceplate/pickguard , then if you change your mind you can take it off

To basically create a consistent echo, that doesn't look metal at all. It's a classy looking guitar. The only thing I'd agree with is relic'ing, but don't do that. Let it age itself.


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it doesnt look metal dude, just looks like a really sexy axe.

and whats wrong with looking metal anyway?
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thats a wooden guitar

I lol'd

Anyways, yeah. It doesn't look very much metal, and even if it did, so what? I love playing jazz with my Xiphos, even though it looks ridiculous
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That. Does. Not. Look. Metal.
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thats a wooden guitar

so sigged
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Gold hardware!!! It will make it more elegant which metal guitars are definatelly not.

+1000...... it will give it a similar look as a les paul black beauty.... gold hardware looks classy on Black.... (and white Ibanez) guitars!
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