Sup guys? Im a junior in high school and ive really considered going to college to be a music teacher. Preferably a guitar teacher. I was just wondering what classes you would sign up for, music education or something like that?
Well, thanks guys
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teaching permit,can't forget that.
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music ed
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take music theory and composition, and get into an ensemble at school. at college, you need to be in an ensemble to go for music ed. also, the theory class will help you a lot during freshman year theory.
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ok. im in my third year of college to get a music ed degree. you'll still have to take all of the gen. ed classes like every other college student. you'll also have to take a minimum of 2 years of music theory. you'll be in a ****-ton of ensembles. you'll take intro. to music ed, music ed 102, foundations of ed., foed 102, a minimum of 4 years of private lessons on your instrument, minimum 1 year of piano, and many other things. hit me up later and i'll see if i can give you a better outline
At school sign up for band/orchestra or anything that shows you are participating in music at school. Get music theory classes, take composition classes, music appreciation if you have it.

Learn how to read actual notation, not tab. Expand your styles, learn some classical guitar and flamenco if you can, extensively study jazz charts since they will be a huge amount of what you do.

Learn all of your major, minor, and scale modes and be able to play them at a pretty good tempo (around eighth notes at 120 bpm) memorized.

Also while your learning notation and stuff, pick up a good teacher and start learning a couple audition pieces. Typically colleges want a technical piece and a touchy- feely piece, contrasting pieces.

Yeah, while you are learning your theory, start to learn piano. General music ed degrees require a couple weeks (or months not sure) on every group of instrument.
Piano is a given since music theory is all based on it. You WILL be learning piano like it or not.
You will also be learning basic percussion rudiments, a woodwind, most likely some flute, a brass instrument, and some short of orchestral instrument.
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Take classical guitar lessons from a professor at a prospective school around your area. If you have no experience in classical or jazz guitar, you will be hard pressed to get into a lot of higher level programs which require auditions in either of those.
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