First off, I'm not selling this or spamming or anything. I'm just letting my fellow musicians on UG know about this great package I found and since its such a great deal it may not be around for long.

Guitar Center has a package on their site right now for a Tascam US-144 Interface, the MXL 990/991 Microphone Pack and two 20 foot mic cables for $199.99.
They are currently out of stock online but I called up my local GC (Tempe, AZ) and they had the individual items in stock and put them aside for me to pick up, same price too $199.99 + tax. Picked it all up yesterday and I love it!
I've only had it for a day but so far I haven't found anything I don't like about it. I've used it with Audacity with great results and will experiment with other recording software as I can get my hands on it. The Tascam comes with Cubase LE but I haven't installed it yet. I'm using the 990 for vocals and harmonica and 991 for my acoustic and everything sounds really nice and clear, no pops or anything so far.
Lately I've been recording at a friend's place on his $300 or so PreSonus Firebox and I honestly didn't like it as much as my new setup. I can't remember what mic he had but its definitely a nice condenser mic that cost him a few hundred dollars. Later tonight I've got some buddies coming over to jam and I may try my electric guitar straight into the Tascam tonight or tomorrow and see how that sounds.

Bottom line: If you're on the fence about getting into home recording or just unsure about what to buy to get into it, I highly recommend this setup!

Guitar Center Package link:

Tascam website link for US-144:

MXL website links for 990 & 991:

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damn, i wish i had the money, ive been looking for a home recording system

Next purchase: Peavey Vypyr 30 Combo Amp