I've been playing for 2 years and i just feel like I can play a lot of the songs I wanted to learn. But it seems like everythings too hard or too easy. Playings just not as fun as it was when I started. I've also come to realize I can't write songs like any of my idols, (Page, Hendrix, Clapton, SRV) I know these are some of the best songwriters in the last 40 years but I can't even get close to the level they're at. Their songs are just so great and anything I write just doesn't sound near as appealing. It just seems that everythings come to standstill and I need something to learn, be it styles, techniques, songwriting tips, etc.

I don't know I'm just down on it and I don't know if anyone knows anything to help me out, but if you do, or don't thanks
Don't expect to be able to write anything nearly like your heroes. They've been playing a LOT longer than you.

The best thing you can do is just write. Keep writing and you'll get better. I still suck at writing songs (after 3 1/2 years of playing) but i've noticed a difference and i'm keepin at it.
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I am constantly having up and down times with the guitar. It seems in every month, I will be really into it for a few days and not-so-much for a buncha days. The cycles are sometimes longer than a month.

It's like having your guitar period. Only there is no Tamp-axe.

One solution is to come up with a really meticulous practice schedule and keeping powering through thick and thin.

Another is to just keep your ears open for something that inspires you that you think you can play, and spend a couple hours learning it: adding things to your skillset.

Sometimes you just have to put it down and enjoy other things.
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maybe because you've only been playing for only 2 years? you can't expect to be someone else, just strive to be the best guitarist you can be. don't be let down by not being as good as them or w/e just use them as an influence to get even better and someday be able to play like them.
metalmusicianal is right, you can only be yourself, chill out and relax, dont think at all, and then creativity and ideas will just appear before you. thats what i have to add on

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Of course you're never going to reach their levels if you keep putting yourself down. You have to understand that those skills (guitar and writing) are developed through practice. And lots of it.
If your songwriting is stagnant, learn some music theory and it'll help you quite a bit. I'd recommend The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory.
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Now, set down your ban hammer (That's what I call my guitar), go out and grab (Or steal!) a new CD, throw it into your computer, and listen to it. Buy something you normally wouldn't buy. If you like metal, buy some stoner rock or blues. If you like blues or stoner rock, buy metal. Just try something different. Listen to new things, then try out something in your head. Think of a new lick. Now sit down, and figure out that new lick.

It works every time for me.
alot of inspiration comes to me right before i go to sleep. take your guitar and fiddle around with it before you go to sleep. youl be amazed on what you can think of (and easely forget the next morning!)

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