i found a 1980 fender lead II in a music shop recently that had some custom work done to it
the previous owner had the guitar "tattoo'd" and he changed one of the single coil pickups to a humbucker that is probably cheap. He also had another volume knob added

i want to replace the humbucker with a les paul one to get a kind of les paul/ fender guitar going on

i've looked on guitar center and they have a normal 57 HUMBUCKER

or would something like a p94r
be better

i am not really knowledgeable about gibson pickups so i figured i should ask
i play mostly classic rock and some heavier stuff
so i think a humbucker would suit my needs.

i may just keep the single coil in there or change it with a vintage noiseless

i am just lookng into making this a true gibson/fender hybrid

also it has a phase switch built in but not wired properly if anyone can help me out in that department that would be great

i have other pics if anyone wants to see more

thanks for the advice
Thats pretty cool, any idea how he 'tattooed' it? Is it burnt in or inked on?
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