Does anyone know what guitar Paul Masvidal (formerly Death, Cynic, Aeon Spoke) is using in this clip?


It's from Hovelfestival in Norway. I know Paul's "Trademark" is the marble done Steinberger (not sure if it's custom, or if it's just a model he painted, would like some help there too if anyone can offer it), but this one is a mahogony toned Steinberger, with passive pickups, and what looks like a Roland Midi pickup (I think you can see it better at other points in the concert with various other clips). I've been interested in a Steinberger for some reason, and seeing this one makes me really want one (especially with the midi pickup). Any help?

Haha, I know it's a Steinberger...they're kinda hard to confuse with anything other than..well..a Steinberger


Yea, it's nasty looking in a way, but it really interests me. And yes, Paul is the singer.
Looks like a Steinberger GM-4TGR that has been custom painted. It has a transtrem and a roland midi pickup. One on ebay would prolly go for 2-3 grand, minimum.
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