ok, so ive always been attracted to guitars with like crazy inlays on them (ex. the one on steve vai's guitar, and the schecter c1 classic) and i just found one that has all the specs on it that i like (minus the seymour duncans, but those can be put in), except ive noticed that in the inlay, there arent really specific markers for the frets and ive noticed that i depend on the quite heavily when switching octaves while soloing

so what im wondering is, how easy is it to get used to not having inlays and how long does it take to just be able to point out the 17th fret, 8th fret etc. without them?

by the way, this is the guitar: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/B.C.-Rich-Assassin-FX6-Electric-Guitar?sku=512670
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ah... i dont normally pay attention to those dots along the side of the fretboard, i should train myself to
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Epic post. Wish I could say more, but I don't know much about the subconscious and other psychological stuff.
It just takes getting used to. It was tricky for me but I've crossed the 6 year mark now. I still can't solo too good but that's not what I do. I'm just used to my guitar now so I rarely have to look at what I'm doing.
That sort of thing really depends on the person. You have to play the guitar a lot to get used to where specific frets are. Regardless, there are usually side dots on guitars, so you still have inlays to guide big jumps.
I play classical and that guitar has no inlays at all and I had to learn where frets are by feel. It isn't impossible by any means.
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wow that's actually one of the few B.C. rich's that I have seen that is not ugly

anyways.. i remember i played a friends guitar that had inlays like that and it was really hard for me, but i'm sure you will get used to it. and there are the side markers like some other people have mentioned.
you're supposed to use the dots on the side of the fretboard. its actually easier than it seems, just hold the guitar more vertical than horizontal, so that you can't see the fretboard too much, and you'll get used to it. its half training half intuition
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You will grow to get used to your guitar. Just give it a month or so at first.
I had such a problem when switched from dot inlay to big square. There was one extra inlay at the first fret xd
youll be better off using the dots, and not the inlays, because if your standin up one day playing live, youll just have to glance down at the dots and not completely look over the fretboard
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Really you should try training yourself to be able to play without any fret markers, without even looking at the fretboard at all even. Nothing kills a live performance more than someone playing a great solo but having to stare at the fretboard to do so.
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Really it just comes with time. You'll soon get so used to the fretboard that you won't even need to look at the guitar.
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Yeah exactly, time and practice. Eventually you'll play a note and you'll know where on your guitar you're playing it from. Your fingers will get used to what spacing feels right to play the notes you want wherever on the fretboard.
wow, thats a sexy guitar! Nice inlay... But seriously, it's just practice.
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It's not hard to get used to. The S520ex I own only has an inlay on the 12th, I got used to it really quickly.
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