My roadking 2 was working fine for about a year and a half, then all the sudden I lost ALL volume in my third channel. Then, after another month, I lost ALL volume in channels 1 and 2. The only channel thats working for me now is channel 4. What could be wrong? I'm assuming tubes, but is this a power tube or pre-amp tube issue?
Preamp tube issue. Replace them before you start blowing resistors and the such.
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i agree it sounds like a preamp tube problem. same thing happend to me and it was just the V2 preamp tube had gone bad.
Preamp for sure. Happend in my Mark IV.
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I've had tube amps for a while now, but never actually had any go down on me
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Hm if it somehow doesn't end up working at all i'll take it off your hands

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Preamp tube issue. Replace them before you start blowing resistors and the such.

Blowing resistors?
It would more than likely blow an output transformer right? Thank god that didn't happen, because now the damn thing works just like the day I bought it... but an entire tube change cost me almost $260 - and thats with me replacing them myself!
I'm surprised you ran an amp for a month with a channel not working... no amps are built for that kind of torture. If you want to check whether or not you have a bad power tube, next time run the guitar in the effects loop, not in the guitar input and then use the progressive linkage feature to pinpoint your bad tube.

If it sounds like your cleans are too distorted or your distortion is too clean, then it is a preamp problem. Any amp other than the roadking would also suggest a power tube problem but, with the roadking you can assign specific channels with specific tubes, so it's a bit of a wierdo in the amp world.
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