Hi everyone,

I'm selling an early 90's Mark IV medium head - serial IV 3548. This is the "A" Revision. I've had it for about 8 months running through a Mesa 3/4 back 1x12 cab, which I will likely keep. I'm selling because I just bought a widebody Mk IV combo - I'm going to college in Boston next year and will still be playing with my drummer, who also is going to school up there (Berklee!) - but I don't want to deal with the head and cab.

The amp works perfectly - I just had some repairs done on it when a redplated JJ power tube took a fuse and screen grid resistor with it. He fixed that right up and it's been running beautifully since (I guess that was about 3 months ago, I may still have the repair tag laying around). I have Mesa 12AX7 preamp tubes in it and 2 Mesa 6L6 power tubes on the inside. Right now there are old Groove Tubes EL34's on the outside power tube sockets but I'll sell it with brand new JJ EL34 power tubes. It's been gigged three times in the time that I've owned it and has been flawless and powerful with a band - easily overpowers everyone else on the 30w setting and 5-6 on the master, 2-3 on lead channel volume.

Cosmetically it has a tiny rip in the tolex on the top of the head.. I've been meaning to put it back down with epoxy or something but I never got around to it. Otherwise it looks good - you can see in the pictures.

I'm asking $1200 + actual shipping and I'll split the paypal fees with you if you choose to use it - I payed $1375 8 months ago and since have dropped $350 on the repairs and power tubes. FU-2 Footswitch is included. The Mk IV is a beautiful sounding amp, I'd love to keep the head and cab because it does sound better than the combo but I won't have the space next year.

Thank you and don't hesitate to ask any questions!

I'll put up a few pictures and send more detailed ones if I get some PM's expressing interest.
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I will give you a free bump, just because of the epicness of this amp. I love mine and i hope someone picks this up.
Thanks man! Yeah I've been really happy with it, even got another one, this time the combo as stated in the first post. Can't drag around the head and cab in college, I don't even know how I'm gonna get to rehearsal with this one in Boston with no car.