so basically my dad and a friend of his are headlining a town music festival type deal and they're making it into a family group thing. my dad and his friend will be playing guitar (they've been playing for 35+ years, "bar-room-bangers" as they like to call having zero musical training or knowledge), my dad's friend's son will play guitar as well, my brother will hopefully be playing harmonica, and i will be playing bass.

now, i've been playing guitar for about a year now, and i've been "trained"/self-taught a pretty intermediate amount of music theory, and i made up a few bass lines for some songs they want to do just by doing some real simple arpeggios, but the time has finally come for us to go out and buy an acoustic bass for the show (early august, so i got time to learn).

so, since my dad and I are pretty new to the bass scene, what makes for a good bass? what kind of action is preferred? what're some good brands? what kind of things should I look for in a bass?

any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated guys, thanks
i, personally, am not a big fan of acoustic basses. unless they're amplified, or mic'd heavily, whey're too quiet to hear. That doesn't include upright basses though, those play well, but that's not what we're talking about. I'd do a quietly amped electric if you can.
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yeah that's what i've been told. im not sure if any of the guitars will be amp'ed but i know for sure im planning on being amp'ed for the show
Olympia OB3CE is going to be the best middle range priced acoustic bass. Most of the others I've played have been really poor sound wise or ungainly and sounded dead. The cream of the crop is the Tacoma Thunderchief, but the lowest I've seen them is 900 USD. The Olympia is the cheaper version of the Thunderchief.

Another option I'll throw out there is to get a Precision bass or clone thereof and throw a set of flatwounds on it. If you EQ it right it won't overwhelm any acoustic guitars and sound rather nice and bass-y. I've done this for back yard gigs at parties and used a battery powered amp.
Samick makes really good acoustics. Mine plays better than a lot of electrics I've played...nice thin neck and low action. And, you can actually hear the overtones like you can on an acoustic guitar.

I agree, though, that a quiet electric would be better. A standard J bass should do fine for anything you need.
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