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7 21%
Wine Red
10 30%
Heritage Cherry Sunburst
8 24%
Vintage Sunburst
8 24%
Voters: 33.
Soon I will be buying my Epiphone Les Paul Custom, and I just can't decide on a color. Help me out dudes.

EDIT:Wine Red, Heritage Cherry SB, and Vintage SB have a flamed maple top by the way.
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I know I used to be an ebony fanboy basically when I first saw them, then I liked the HC SB, then the vintage sunburst, but recently I saw a wine red with that Gold hardware and that binding. It was beautiful.
Of those options, I'd go with the HCS.

Though I think the best finish for the Custom is the old Alpine White one. Shame they're not making those anymore and make a bad 'Antique' white instead.
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I like Wine, especially with a side of self pity.
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