Im suggesting an amp to my parents for my birthday and i was wondering....

is this one any good?

if not what are some other good moderately cheap ones?

at the moment i have a crappy walmart amp and so just about anything is an upgrade for me.
anyway, thx for your help...
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DO NOT GET AN MG OR A SPIDER get some kind of roland cube
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yeah, a roland cube would be a great option if you play in your room
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being on this site... i'd assume youve been playing for a while, you probably have an amp now.... if your a beginer, its probably a practice amp..... so why would you have your parents buy you a practice amp?
unless you really need to upgrade, save up and spend a few hundred. prefferably a tube amp. you'll be much happier in the long run. and avoid MG's and spiders (unless you want a spider strictly for practice)

edit: i should have read the rest of your post.... yea get a cube lol

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I wouldn't get that, for around that price you could get a 5w tube amp that would be great tonal wise and practicing, like the palomino or the fender champ (which I own)...getting the roland cube or saving up for a better tube amp are also good options.
Before anyone else says it, this is a question for "Gear and Accessories" not The Pit. Figured I'd tell you before some dick reports you.

But, to answer question, the Marshall MG's have a bad rep. I'd go with what everyone is telling you and get the Roland Cube.
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