Can anybody recommend a free Drum machine or audio that can use VSTs? I got Reaper from the drum machine list, but it's not exactly free anymore.

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Reaper isn't it free anymore?

Sure they suggest you buy the license but they don't shut it down or force you to buy it...
I think everyone should get the license though...
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Haha, I just got reaper today too, and looking for a drum machine. So, if someone can recommend something!

It's a trail version now, but some how I have the commercial license.
Well, as far as I know, Reaper has never been free. You can have it for free, but in my mind it's the same thing as downloading torrented software, which you might not be bothered about anyway.

However, Reaper is a sequencer which can host vst's, not a drum machine itself. Or did you just mean a program that could host vst's?
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with a hardware and an interface?

well start with the Alesis SR16 or even the new SR18 which sounds better IMO.
Roland makes great drums and drum machines as well so look into those but be prepared to spend more for the great sound.

you'll want an interface to keep the quality when feeding the output of the drum machine into your computer, you can try feeding to the line in port on your stock sound card first but I think an interface is a must these days since they can be had for such a low price.
The m-audio Fast Track USB should work for this setup.
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if you want to use software, sure...

Do you have something against software? (Reading between the lines)....

Anyway, yes, nowadays you can get pretty much any instrument in software vst format. There are good ones and bad ones though.
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Well, are you wanting only free ones, or are you willing to stump up some cash ?
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